With nearly 200 booths, and approximately 10.000 visitors each year, it is difficult to connect to all visitors.

But in order to welcome 10.000 visitors over 2 days, preparation for the fair is key!

Another feedback received regularly was the missing of organisations from specific countries in Europe. But as participation in the fair is completely voluntary, and not all organisations dispose of enough funds, not all “destinations” can be covered.

This is why, we have decided on the following changes and adaptations, which we hope you will see as improvements:

  • For the third year running, we offer the tool where all visitors to the fair may choose the booths they want to visit, and then create a personalized PDF that they can save to their mobile device or print to their liking, 4 weeks before the fair.
  • We also offer the collection of all information regarding the exhibitiors in a summarized form in a special edition of the SLAM! newspaper, 3 weeks before the fair.
  • As of this year and through ERASMUS+ funding, the CIJ has also arranged for youth information centers from Ireland and Sweden to join the student fair, and through the availability and connection of the EURODESK network, this year’s edition will be the first where all questions from visitors relating to activities after high school in Europe such as studies, volunteering and internships can be answered.